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Santa Social

11 A.M.- 3 P.M. on December 22nd & December 23rd

Upon your arrival, your Santa’s Social boarding ticket will afford you an enchanted Horse-drawn wagon / sleigh ride through the farm to Santa’s secret world in the North Pole. Relish in your children’s wonder and amazement to, not just sit on the Big Guy’s lap, but to have an actual conversation with him! Enjoy your complimentary Hot Co-Co and cookies at the roaring fire with Santa, his elves, the Grinch, Cindy Lou Who and more! You never know what or who will be busy helping Santa out and the memories from this magical journey will be as priceless as the Holidays themselves! Stay as long as you desire, and when you are ready to return, just jump aboard the next horse-drawn ride back to your vehicles.

$15.00 per person.  If there are 20 or more in a group, please call for a discounted rate!

(978) 657-5906

Online Tickets Available Below