Annual Pumpkin Festival

Dates for 2019

September 21st 22nd 28th 29th

October 5th 6th 12th 13th 14th 19th 20th 26th 27th

Our annual pumpkin festival runs from the middle of September to the last weekend of October.  We have a pumpkin patch where you can enjoy the experience of picking your own pumpkins.  We also have our field area filled with a large variety of pumpkins that are handpicked from our own fields by our employees.  We have all sorts of activities to do if you are looking to enjoy. 

*We do not allow dogs, with the exception of a certified service dog*

Regular Pumpkin Festival Hay-Ride -  A horse-drawn hay wagon pulled by two of our beautiful horses around the festival into the woods for about 15 minutes. 

$5.00 per person.

Pony Ride -  Give your child a rememberable experience riding one of our ponies.  Our pony rides are free from 10AM-11AM, every single weekend, Saturday and Sunday, and also Columbus Day so make sure to get here early.  

$5.00 per ride.

Corn Maze-  Our corn maze wraps around the whole festival, which you will be able to see when you pull in and arrive here at Krochmal Farms.  The Corn Maze is fun for all!  The stalks this year have grown at least 10 feet high making it difficult to see where the next turn might lead!  Have fun and don't take a wrong turn!  

$5.00 per person.

Petting Area- is filled with playful goats that are fun for all.  You will have to purchase a ticket to enter the petting exhibit, once you buy a ticket to get in you will have free access for the entire day, just make sure to get your hand stamped!  The petting zoo has the option for the anybody to have a playful interaction inside or outside of the exhibit by purchasing a treat for the animals.  The treat is additional.

Petting Area $1.00.

Petting Food $1.00.

Snack Shack

If you plan on making a nice day out of your trip to Krochmal Farms we have a snack shack that serves delicious food.  The snack shack has cheeseburgers, hotdogs, sausages, fried dough, snacks, juices, water, sodas, and much more including, hot cider, and hot chocolate when the weather cools off!  The sausages are a must try!  

Sit and enjoy at the picnic tables under the tented area!

Animal Exhibits

Our animal exhibits are free, we have 4 that are set up for you to see!  We have a flock of turkeys, a donkey, two calves, and a momma pig and her piglets!

At our pumpkin booth John or Jan will be able to help you out with any info you may need for the day
At our pumpkin booth John or Jan will be able to help you out with any info you may need for the day