KROCHMAL FARMS   (978) 657-5906
Jennie's Way, Tewksbury MA 01876

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Where's the beef?


Krochmal Farm has been a farm since the 1800's.  Although it had changed hands several times, it has been in the Cave Family since John Krochmal (John Cave's father) had purchased the farm in 1942.  For 75 years, and now 4 generations this farm has been a staple in New England and is one of the last Family Livestock Farms in this area of Massachusetts.

We are proud to open to the public every fall, as well as to host Horse-Drawn Campfire and Sleigh Rides on our farm and our Annual Santa Social.  As we open our doors to you at the section of the farm we call the Pumpkin Fest, we allow folks to interact with some of our animals - horses, ponies, goats, turkeys, a sow and her piglets and some calves.  One of the biggest questions is "where are all the other animals?"  

We are under strict federal guidelines (due to the National Bio-Security Laws enacted in November 2001) that we are not to share the exact number or exact location of our livestock herds.  However, because you have asked, we would like to be able to show you some of our animals, some of our crops, our barns and other aspects of our daily lives that keep America fed.





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