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Jennie's Way, Tewksbury MA 01876

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About Us

Krochmal Farms has been a family farm since the turn of the 20th century, growing produce and raising livestock.

The Cave family, who owns and lives on the farm, has three generations involved in the farm’s day to day activities. This includes care and feeding of livestock, planting and helping with the Pumpkin Fest in the fall. The Caves have had their children and now grandchildren in the Tewksbury school system. Krochmal Farms, the Caves, are proud standing members of the farming and agricultural community for over sixty years.

We raise beef cattle and swine and we are proud farmers contributing to our Nation's food source.  We can not, due to local restrictions, sell directly to the public.  Besides the cattle and hogs, we also have turkeys, draft horses and ponies, goats, chickens and sheep...and Patches, our resident llama, and we grow pumpkins and corn.  This farm is not just our daily (by daily, we do mean 7 days a week, 365 days a year!) job, but this is also our home and our way of life.  We want to thank everyone who visits us, visits our website, or even just eats dinner, for supporting our family farm.  Please remember the old saying:  No Farms = No Food.
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Three Generations of the Cave / Krochmal Family

-John Krochmal, 1977
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